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Puppy Socialization Training

' McCovey ' (10 weeks old) New family member of Giovannas Dog Training

‘ McCovey ‘ (10 weeks old)
New family member of Giovannas Dog Training

  Socializing Puppies is important for creating an emotionally healthy adult dog.   A puppy’s  perception of things in the environment can be transferred into adulthood.  So it’s important puppies have positive experiences  through out its young life. Two important things to focus on are 1.) Socializing puppies with humans and 2.) Socializing with other puppies and adult dogs. Puppy Socialization Training addresses both these issues.

   Puppy Socialization Classes should always be fun . Puppies should be exposed to different types of people.  The people can be tall, short, large, loud, seniors, young kids, or high energy. The list can be exhaustive.  In other words, puppies need to learn how to interact with humans at every opportunity.   With these opportunities there’s a  better chance of being more trusting and less fearful of humans as they age.  Before the age of five months puppies are easier to mold in the environment.   They are more receptive to new things in the environment because puppies just want to have fun. People participating in Puppy Socialization Classes will have many opportunities to play, hold, and touch puppies.  This helps puppies learn to be comfortable with humans. Please remember Puppy Socialization is ongoing throughout the puppy stage.   Also,  after five months dogs can be socialized. However, owners risk making the process much harder.

  Socializing Puppies together is always a good thing. When puppies interact they are learning valuable life skills. They are getting to understand their species better during play. There’s nothing better than that.  Learning social skills began with their siblings. Puppy Socialization gives the opportunity for further learning. Personalities of puppies become more clear during Puppy Socialization  Training.  The puppies should always be mutually interacting with no stress involved. It’s a time for puppies to learn how to communicate better with each other.  Being stress-free allows this learning to develop. Humans need to intervene if the interactions become less than positive. That’s important for a young puppy.

  Socializing puppies should always be fun for owners also.  Owners experience joy watching their puppy playing freely.  It’s hard to put a price on that. A socialized puppy will become a confident and happy companion for years.  Puppy Socialization Training makes that a reality for many dog owners.  Happy training.

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