Puppy and Dog Group Training

Dog and Puppy Group Training

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Basic obedience and Socialization – Ist level

Total cost is $120.00 for six-week session. Full payment must be paid before first class. There are no refunds after first class.

Special Discount: If a parent and child team complete six-week session they will receive a 10% discount!  Giovannas Dog Training encourages children to learn more about dogs. The child must be at least 10 years old to take part.

Each class will have a short refresher from previous class if somebody misses a class.

There are separate classes for puppies and older dogs.  All puppies must have at least two DHPP vaccinations.  All dogs must be current with vaccinations.

The age for puppy classes are from ten weeks to seven months old.

The classes will be slightly more than one hour-long for six weeks.

The entire family is welcomed. Children are encouraged to take part in training. If children are not participating in training they must be supervised by responsible person.

Important Notice: Group training is for non-aggressive dogs. Please tell us during first contact so we can arrange for Private Dog Training or Private Puppy Training.

All training is done using Positive Reinforcement methods.

Description of Class:Crufts Dog Show

1. Attention Exercises

2. Handling exercises

3. Come (Recall)

4. Stay

5. Sit

6. Down

7. Loose Leash walking

Puppies just want to have fun!

Puppies just want to have fun!

Early Puppy Socialization is crucially important. It gives puppies a good start in life to be comfortable in any environment. This helps your puppy to become confident and happy adult dogs. During these classes the puppies and older dogs will have opportunities to socialize and develop good Social Skills.  The puppy interaction will be monitored and discussed.

Dates and time for Training Classes:

Jipsy and Blue resting after some good training.

Jipsy and Blue resting after some good training.

Puppy classes on Sundays at 1:30 pm.

Adult Dog classes on Sundays at 2:40 pm.

Please contact us a soon as possible because group size is limited for better learning for owner and pets.

Location of training will be in scenic Aptos hills at private home one mile up from Cabrillo College. Directions will be given at first contact with Giovannas Dog training.

  Giovannas Dog Training provides Private Dog Training, Group Dog Training, Private Puppy Training,  Group Puppy Training, and Pet Sitting Service.  Happy Training.

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