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  Benefits for Private Dog and Puppy Training 

  The benefits for Private Dog and Puppy Training with Giovannas Dog Training are many. There’s fewer distractions, dogs can focus better, there’s more and better personal attention, owners can work on details, training is customized, dogs can learn better social skills at their pace. If owners want help with “Behavior Issues” or “Obedience Training” Private Dog and Puppy Training caters to both those needs.

The main benefit is the Convenience.  1267433_labrador

  In-House dog training is convenient in so many ways for owners.  If an owner works out of their home and has time constraints leaving home for two or three hours isn’t possible. However, an owner can take  one hour away from work right in their own home to train their dog with a Professional Dog Trainer.

   Private Dog and Puppy Training also helps owners concentrate better in a more relaxed setting such as their own home. Some owners think better without chaos all around them. We all know how noisy Dog and Puppy Group Training can be. It can be distracting for some people and dogs alike. Everybody is different and Giovannas dog Training realizes that fact.

  Another valuable service Giovannas Dog Training provides is Private Dog and Puppy Training while owners are away at work. If a dog owner needs an obedient dog immediately this is a good way to go. The training will take place at the residence either for a few hours a day or one hour a day. The schedule will depend on a few factors. One main concern would be not to over work the dogs. Of course all Dog Trainers need to meet with the owners weekly to show and explain  the weeks training lessons.


  One type of owner that needs mentioning is the Senior dog owner.  Many Seniors have had Companion Dogs all their lives. Not only are their pets Companion Dogs they also are therapeutic to seniors. Just as Companion Dogs are therapeutic to all ages. Although, seniors don’t have the accessibility of traveling anymore with a dog to Dog and Puppy Group Training.  This is because of not driving anymore or health reasons. Public transportation frowns upon mid to large dogs on their vehicles except for handicap working dogs.  Dog Trainers can provide  a service in many positive ways to seniors. One of those ways is through Private Dog and Puppy Training. With senior discounts and availability to Professional Dog Training seniors can continue to live a full life with their pets.

   Owners with “dog on dog aggression” or “people aggressive” dogs will find Private Dog and Puppy Training very useful.  Every Dog and Puppy Group Class has policies against allowing aggressive dogs into Obedience Classes. It’s very disturbing to most owners to witness aggressive behavior from strange dogs. Even in a mild form. With Private Dog and Puppy Training those owners have an option to remedy their situation. This also gives owners some peace of mind there’s hope for them and their dogs. Obedience Training is helpful for Behavior Issues. However, it’s not the cure-all. Some form of “Behavior Modification” must be implemented. Working one on one with Behavior Problem dogs in a private setting can be very beneficial. This gives these types of dogs the opportunity to learn what it feels like to relax. It helps dogs to overcome their reflex to over-react to normal things in the environment.1330211_hunting_dog

   Whatever the situation an owner has with their dogs Private Dog and Puppy Training provides a valuable resource.  It gives Owners access to Professional Dog Training that tailors to their particular needs.  At Giovannas Dog Training we provide options that serves all dog owners needs. We provide Private Dog Training, Private Puppy Training, Dog Group Training, and Puppy Group Training.  Happy Training.


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