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 Overnight Dog Sitting and  Private Dog Training  is a valuable service for owners wanting their dogs safe at home and trained while away. Having a trustworthy person supervising family members gives owners the peace of mind they deserve.  Giovanna’s main focus while doing Overnights are Excellent Supervision,  Safety, and Attention to Owners details.

We  provide Basic Obedience Training while owners are away on business, vacation, or at work. This is an exceptional service for owners knowing their dogs will be well mannered when they arrive home.  Basic Obedience Training is optional with all Overnight Pet Sitting.

After 19 + years with dogs in my care I have a perfect record of : 1. No injuries ever to any dog, 2. No dog ever lost, 3. No dog ever attacked, 4. No dog ever stolen, 5. No dog ever in a fight, 6. No dog ever getting sick !

As a dog owner I am protective of my dog Giovanna. My philosophy is to treat each dog under my care as though they were Giovanna. My standards as a professional dog trainer are very high in this area.  As dog owners we deserve the best for our loved ones.


Cleo & Tony best friends forever.


Reasons for using our Overnight Pet Sitting Service:

  • There’s no place like Home
  • Private Dog Training provided
  • Private Puppy Training provided
  • Pets more comfortable in their home
  • Dog has medical issues
  • Medications easily administered
  • Old age or puppy
  • Behavior issues
  • Avoiding diseases from big box facilities
  • No fear of your dog being bullied at other facilities
  • Not knowing who’s handling your dog
  • Not knowing how your dog is being handled
  • Pets not getting close personal attention elsewhere
  • Not being cooped up in kennel with other dogs
  • Dogs don’t feel abandoned by owners
  • No fear of dog attack with major bites
  • Daily walks part of package!

Other benefits for using our Pet Sitting Service !

Rocky's spirit lives on with family and friends.

Rocky’s spirit lives on with family and friends.


  • Pets can keep vet appointments
  • We pickup your mail
  • Indoor and outdoor plants watered
  • Burglary or vandalism less likely to happen
  • Newspapers brought inside
  • Cats or other pets in home taken care of at no extra cost !



KC and Cody waiting for Giovanna to come back.

KC and Cody waiting for Giovanna to come back.




Bitzy loves hanging out with Giovanna.

Bitzy loves hanging out with Giovanna.












Cleo loves her walks with Giovanna's.

Cleo loves her walks with Giovanna’s.

Scully is always ready for a run! ( Basenji ).

Scully is always ready for a run!
( Basenji ).












Giovannas Dog Training provides Private Dog Training, Group Dog Training, Private Puppy Training, Group Puppy Training, and Pet Sitting Service.  Happy Training.








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