Dogs: No reason to say goodbye

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Dogs: No Reason To Say Goodbye

  It’s an interesting thought dogs never express saying goodbye. Puppies cry when taken away from parents and siblings. But never express any goodbyes. It’s a cry of separation. I suppose it’s not in their DNA to say goodbye. For humans saying goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing to do. Separation is devastating for those you love.

  Puppies cry for human attention and never want to be alone. They never want to say goodbye. Owners want to stay with their companions but must say goodbye sometimes.

  There’s a time when puppies discover  new-found freedom. They never turn around to say goodbye. Usually they’re thinking I’ll be back so stay close by. In the owners heart they’re praying this isn’t the last goodbye.  When they do return it’s as though you were never apart. They see owners being part of their life no matter what they do.

  When your dog nestles his head upon your chest for hugs he says, “Never let go”. Your heart says never let go but in time you will. There’s a time you must always say goodbye.

  The heart of a dog is reflected in their eyes. There’s a look that adores you more than life itself. It’s a look that says I’m here for you. It’s a look that says we belong together. In the dogs heart you are the center of their life. There’s no such thought of being apart or saying goodbye.

  A dogs existence is a short part of your life. Whereas dogs always remember you being in their world. They always expect you coming back to them. Your bond gives them peace of mind they’re never alone. As years go on goodbyes only mean you’ll be together again soon.

  There’s many untold stories about your relationship with your dear friend. You wish the world could know how well-mannered, gentle, and kind your companion was. You want the world to know the love  shared over the many years. You want the world to know her spirit of love existed.

  In past years you never wanted to say that final goodbye. The sadness from those thoughts  long ago were so strong. Or so you believed. Oh how wrong you were. Nothing compares to your broken heart this day.

  With everything  said and done you lay with your friend in your grasp. She’s looking tired but content in your arms. A place she had become accustomed to. You kiss her, whisper you love her, and what she means to you. Soon after you set her spirit free she breathes her last. Your good friend still trusting to the end.

   She looks at peace now as you lay there during those quiet moments.  You remember her as a baby  crying to be held.  As you hold her and realize she’s gone unbelief sets in. Nothing really changed over the years as she laid dying.  She still expected you there with her. You always expected to be together forever. It’s a mutual understanding between owners and dogs. The love for each other can never be questioned.

  As time goes on remembering your friend with sadness will be common. The fond memories of her running to you with adoring eyes are forever. The closeness you shared will always be special.

  I remember saying my goodbye and how painful it felt. My old girl never had to say goodbye to me. She never knew the meaning of that word. She lived a life never far from me.

  As she closed her eyes for the last time I’m sure she thought I would be there when she awoke. I’ll always be waiting when she appears again. In many ways she has awaken in my life. I’ve taken the lessons learned from her and kept them close to my heart. Ready to share them with other open hearts.

  One thing I’ve learned is dogs never need to say goodbye. I suppose goodbyes are only for human expressions.  It’s been said dogs live in the moment. Their  moments are transitional and never end. There’s never a need to say goodbye. Maybe appreciating each moment is a better way to live.

  After all the sorrow and pain good memories will appear. There are visions of your puppy running towards you with a glimmer in his eyes. There are visions of your old friend following faithfully like many years before. Through all the laughter and tears these visions are always with you now.

  Her new life these memories bring are with you forever. From these memories she’ll always say, ” Here I am “.  Lovingly she says, ” There’s no reason any longer to say goodbye “.

In Loving Memory To Giovanna

Author: David D. Cardona

Giovannas Dog Training

0002 Giovannas picture

My baby Giovanna.
May she rest in peace.

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