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The Bonding of Dogs and Women

It’s been said a dog is mans best friend and diamonds are women’s best friend. Of course there’s a little truth to both these sayings. However, it’s obvious dogs and women also have a special closeness. Their fondness of each other started many years ago. It’s hard to say when their attraction for each other started. It’s easy to guess it wasn’t long after wild canines began entering into human habitats to rummage through their garbage for food. Over time the tamer wild canines assimilated into human culture and the two species were forever bonded.

 Many notable women over the years had companion dogs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, and Annie Oakley are a few. Gilda Radner once said,” Dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive”. Women’s special bond with dogs is evident in the dog industry. The majority of Dog Care Providers and Dog Trainers in United States are women. A big reason for this is women’s strong Communication Skills with dogs.imagesCA3MDUA8

 Good communication skills with your dog is necessary to build a lasting and trusting relationship.  Without it causes many owners to give up on their dogs if problems arise. Since dogs are pack animals it’s generally easy to follow a firm but fair human leader. A dog owner establishing  themselves as the leader early on solves many problems in the future. This writer often has dog owners ask how this is done. Dogs instinctively live by doing “Routines”. They are more comfortable with having a set program day after day. Wild canines in the past and now  follow this set rule. Although domesticated canines are far removed from the wild canines the behavior is still there. Once owners grasp this simple rule their leadership role is not far behind.

 It’s often said dogs are “Doers” and owners must put this to use. Owners must think in terms of, ” This is how we do things in My house”. If an owner is able to communicate that thought clearly good things happen.  This comes in the form of “Obedience“. An Obedient dog  yields to the owner at all times. A dog that defers and yields to the owner understands its role in the relationship.  That’s why Obedience Training is important. The training can be formal or informal.  Training a puppy or older dog to Sit for everything starts the ball rolling. Have your dog Sit for meals, walks,  before entering and exiting doors, or playing fetch. Dogs learning the “Routine” and its role establish a stronger relationship with owners.  A healthy and stronger relationship means a compliant dog. Happy training.


  Special Note: It’s important to remember dogs use all their senses to understand the world around them. It will be helpful to use these abilities when doing any type of training.

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