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McCovey’ 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie Mix. 

Dog Training tip Of the Month (July 2018)

Dogs Learning Impulse Control


Puppies are perpetually in hyper-drive and dog owners are constantly trying to keep up. Many dog owners are perplexed on how to deal with puppies bursts of energy and hope with age they’ll slow down. In general whatever behavior puppies practice they’ll continue into adulthood. This applies whether their behavior is negative or positive. Hoping dogs change on their own is never a good idea.  Here’s a Dog Tip that will help

   Obedience Training –  No surprise here, right? However, it’s very true. Obedience Training should start once the puppy walks through your door.  8 week old puppies are smarter than many people think. Puppies age so quickly there’s no time to waste. Obedience Training is good for:  A.) Communication between owners and dogs, B.) Redirecting dogs attention to consistently interact with owners, and C.) Jump starting behaviors puppies grow into. The puppy will become what they’ve been practicing. Adolescent or Adult Dogs will be more focused, less flighty, and ………have better Impulse-Control!  Basic Obedience Training includes: Look It, Sit, Down, Stay, Loose-Leash Walking, Heel, and Come. Intermediate and Advanced Dog Training can continue after the basics if owners desire.  Dog Training is a labor of love and you’ll be glad with your efforts. Happy Training.

Kayo a 5 month old English Bulldog learning his Basic Obedience Training.


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