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Chihuahuas also need Behavior training and Obedience training. These little cute dogs without proper dog training can become Cujos. Chihuahuas easily develop phobia-like symptoms to almost everything in their immediate environment. The lack of  Socialization usually leads to much chaos in their behavior. The breeds genetic makeup which includes similar emotional characteristics make them vulnerable to problem behaviors.  On the other hand the Chihuahua can be the most loving and adorable animal on the planet. If a potential owner is considering a Chihuahua here’s a few training tips:


Socialize as early as possible.

An owner can never assume their dog will naturally adjust to their new world. Owners that do usually are in for a rude awakening.  Puppies age so quickly they should be socialized within the first five months. This is because these are the formative months of life. They are more acceptable to their new surroundings. Dogs are able to socialize after five months but the earlier it’s done the less chance a puppy develops problems. The less problems the less to fix.

Since Chihuahuas are naturally cautious, timid, and guarded little creatures exposure to their world is a must. Chihuahuas sometimes are raised as though they aren’t dogs. However, they are. All dogs are roamers, sniffers, and like to explore. It’s important owners of Chihuahuas take their dogs on walks. Walks are fun, alleviates  pent-up energy, takes away boredom, builds confidence, and builds trust and communication with owner. We’re aware Chihuahuas are small but not helpless. The owners need to carry them only perpetuates a Chihuahua to be needy. Building confidence in a Chihuahua means letting them walk on their own four paws.

Some types of exposures are:

Introducing Chihuahua to many different types of people.  dexph138_173

Introducing puppy to different sounds and noises.

Meeting other dogs or different animals.

Letting them see  moving objects like bicyclists, skateboarders, and joggers.

Introduce to children very early on.





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