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 Prices and Services

Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training includes In-Home visits.  The first visit includes Consultation and Training session. This session lasts 1.5 hours. Each session thereafter is 1 hour. Private Dog Training sessions consists of either Puppy Training, Obedience Training, and Behavior Problems.

Puppy Training includes: Instructions on House training, Mouthing/Nipping, Destructive Chewing, Social Skills, Bite Inhibition, Bonding, Introduction to Basic Obedience, Crate training,  and other Puppy issues.

Obedience Training includes: Attention exercises, Recalls, Stay, Down, Sit, Loose-Leash Walking, Placing. Includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced lessons.

Behavior Problems includes: Aggression issues, Digging, Destructive behavior, Barking, Jumping up, Lack of self-control, Crying, Separation anxiety, Escaping, Timidness, lack of confidence, lack of socialization, and other issues.

Prices for Private Dog Training

Please call or e-mail for price information.

Added cost for travel time will apply outside Santa Cruz County.

Please refer to Puppy and Dog Group Training page for price information.

George and T.J. wishing they could train all day. (English Bulldogs).

George and T.J. wishing they could train all day.
(English Bulldogs).

Overnight Dog Sitting and Training


Please call or e-mail for price information.

Overnight Dog Sitting and Training can be a joint package or separated. Dog Training doesn’t have to be included with Overnight Dog Sitting . If you’d like more information on this service please refer to  My Services  section.

 Boarding is available under certain conditions. 

Overnight Pet Sitting Without Training


Please call or e-mail for price information.

Please refer to My Services  section for more information on details.

Daily Dog Walks and Feeding

Daily Dog Walks and feeding is  provided for owners at work, gone for most of day with other activities, or gone on vacations. This service is for dogs that are comfortable and relaxed alone in their homes while owners are gone. Even if owners are gone for days. If cats or other pets are in the home we take care of them also.


If owners are gone for the day we go in at assigned times for the walks. We can go to parks, beach, green belts, dog parks, or just around the neighborhoods. Each visit is one hour.

For owners on short vacations we go in first thing in the mornings to walk and feed the dog(s) or other pets. We will return later in the day to repeat the procedure. If there’s special needs or concerns we are flexible to meet the owners needs. We keep all pertinent information to make sure all pets are safe and healthy.  This service has been provided for many years with great success. Each visit is one hour.

The cost for this Pet Sitting Service is $25.00 per hour. Travel time may be an added cost in some cases.

Giovannas Dog Training provides Private Dog Training, Group Dog Training, Private Puppy Training, Group Puppy Training, and Pet Sitting Service. 

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